The Automotive Connection

Although in the business name context. Mustang is a metaphor for inspiration and all the characteristics that the wild horse represents like, Stability, Performance, reliability, strength, agility, balance, etc. The name also implies my car connection.

I have loved cars since I was a young boy thanks to my father. I got my first full time job in the automotive replacement parts industry when I was 17. I have been a parts interpreter for over 30 yrs! I have worked in technical sales for performance and race engines for 13 yrs. I am yet to own a mustang but that will be the plan one day!

In hypnosis and coaching I will often use a car or engine metaphor to relate to the human body. This works in relation to things like energy, input and output, the internal pressures (blood-oil), breathing and how the air we breath is filtered in the lungs the same as air, fuel and oil is filtered in an engine. Most of the principles apply.

If you have any automotive or in particular engine questions feel free to ask!

– Mike

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