Strength Principle

What is the meaning of strength? More importantly what does it mean to you?

Do you sometimes say “he or she is strong!” ” I wish I was that strong….” Or “God give me strength!”…with your fists clenched…

By dictionary definition it is the quality of being strong, having the capacity for exertion or endurance. You can rely on something because of its strength.

This sounds like a quality that we’d all like to have right? Perhaps incorporate strength as one of our ‘life principles’?

For a little exercise, especially if ‘needing strength’ resonates with you at the moment; why not try writing the word ‘strength’ down in the middle of a blank page, circle it, and then branch off and write your Primary thoughts . The thoughts that come to you when you think about this core principle. If you had strength, what would you have? What would it look like, sound like and feel like?

If you had it how would it change things? How and why would it improve situations, personality traits, relationships and events for you? How would you know you then that you were stronger? How do you know you don’t have it right now? Maybe it just needs refining. You do not need to place conditions on yourself to begin, we are all magnificent, intelligent and have everything we need already built in – including the self-confidence to begin this neuro-plasticity exercise and start living with more inner and outer strength!

Once you have written some Primary words, or thoughts, change the colour pen and write a Secondary word or meaning. Then you might want to change colour again and write a Tertiary word or meaning. You find that you are either accessing higher meta frames of your mind – things of higher value to you, or an answer to a deeper problem will emerge!

Either way you will be on your journey to Clarity, another important life principle.

Let me give you an example: you write strength, then the first thought (emotion) that comes forward is ‘will power’. That is your Primary word. From will power you might have a meaning come through of ‘endurance’. That is your Secondary word and the closer you get to your truth – which may take a while- don’t rush it, your Tertiary word may be ‘success’ or something – whatever is your own truth or purpose.

Here is a few analogies that will help you with context:

In the Automotive Performance and Racing Industry our outcome is to build a ‘strong’ engine for our race car. You will hear people all the time using the adjective ‘wow, that is a strong engine!’ what does that mean? Well, the motor provides good flexible performance for its given purpose (circuit car, dirt racing, endurance bike, drag racing, ski boat etc) and doesn’t fail – we hope it doesn’t fail before the job is done anyway – but it can operate strongly and flexibly in the optimum rev range needed for its purpose, usually fun and exhilaration is a given by product. The engine can be stunning and startling and reliable because of the power, torque and efficiency it produces in the right areas. Reliability is key, same said for a production car engine.

I can certainly mention strength as a key principle of Fitness. This is the amount of sustained force a muscle can generate over a given range of motion. The ‘one repetition max’ (1RM) is the maximal amount of force that can be generated in one maximal contraction of the muscle.

If I were putting strength in the context of martial arts I could definitely say the words ‘character’ ‘endurance’ and ‘reliability’. With our dedicated and disciplined consistent training we will breakthrough barriers continually to forge our foundation and advance to higher levels of skill and knowledge.  Grappling is a good example where we may use strength. Applying a sustained force until the energy is redirected for example. In Judo, Jujutsu, MMA, BJJ, Sambo, and other forms of wrestling it is quite often like a game of chess where we are constantly shifting and exploiting weakness in the opponents guard. With a great knowledge of functional anatomy and physiology, and the principles of structure and leverage, bio-mechanics and energy transfer strength is both an asset and a basic principle.

A by-product of strength is Gentleness. It is a trait in high regard for any relationship be it martial arts training with your partner, playing with your children or in marriage. There is an old Chinese saying that ‘in order to be gentle, one must be strong.’ Meaning if you don’t have strength of mind and body you have no control over your actions.

Again talking in terms of the mind, when you are writing down your meanings and expanding your thoughts to keep your brain healthy, some ideas might be resilience, will power, determination, endeavouring to always do or be better, and the endurance of sustaining the strength of our mind.

I trust talking here about the strength principle will help you on your way to excellence.

Next time we will talk about Balance.

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