Self Talk

Ever wondered about how what you say to yourself affects things? Language is important. What stories are you telling yourself every day? Is your self-talk serving you positively? Or in a negative way? The quality of the questions you ask is key to your success. Instead of asking ‘why is this always happening to me? ‘What did I do to deserve this? Again!’ ‘I just can’t get passed this….’. ‘Why me? …Always? ‘ Victim mentality. Part of this is the […]

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence. EQ. Quickly Defined. The ability to manage self and others, communication and relationship to self and others, the management of our emotions. Self awareness and the awareness and empathy of others combined equals Social Intelligence, and it is the application in managing our inner world and our relationships that is the essence of emotional intelligence. Attention and acts of attention such as self awareness must overlap with emotions and thought, these combined are great qualities of leadership! Cognitive […]