Self Criticism

If babies had the same tendency toward self-criticism as adults, they might never learn to walk or talk! Can you imagine an infant angrily shouting ‘I screwed up again! ‘ trying to learn to walk? Fortunately babies are free of limiting beliefs and self-criticism. They just keep practicing. Dan Millman. If you want advice about staying in the present, contact me,


Do you think about enlightenment? Have you ever really considered the concept? It will mean different things to different people, and it still might be a profound experience whatever occurs, but why not chunk it down to something not so intimidating so we can all experience ‘the road or path’ … Notice I didn’t say ‘ to it’. That might mean it’s a destination. The journey, your journey, may have many enlightening moments! It may be the beginning of new […]


Work hard and deep to change and better yourself. It doesn’t matter where you start, begin now, and take a small step. If you work hard and you change the way you think, and make a choice about limiting beliefs, you will feel better – believe in yourself. Your true authentic self. Now, with all your hard work are you better than you were? Or are you comparing yourself to others? Love, value and honour yourself there are no conditions […]

Zen Yoga

Adding to the many modalities used to help people grow and evolve, I am now a student in the Art of Zen Yoga. A path to enlightenment through movement, breathing and meditation. An holistic art that compliments life itself. I will be further advancing my Chi Kung (Qi Gong) nutrition and yoga skills – hand in hand with mindfulness, spiritual pursuits, martial arts and fitness training and ways of life.

The Automotive Connection

Although in the business name context. Mustang is a metaphor for inspiration and all the characteristics that the wild horse represents like, Stability, Performance, reliability, strength, agility, balance, etc. The name also implies my car connection. I have loved cars since I was a young boy thanks to my father. I got my first full time job in the automotive replacement parts industry when I was 17. I have been a parts interpreter for over 30 yrs! I have worked […]

Balance Principle

What an amazing principle that defines all life, universal law and the way of nature itself! Everything in existence must have its opposite. The opposing energies and forces must balance for there to be synergy and harmony. Yin and Yang, In and Yo, comme si comme sa, internal and external, hard soft, night day, light dark, good bad, up down, in out, exercise and rest, anger and joy, peace and war, love and apathy, saving and spending, challenge and support, […]

Clarity Principle

Where are you going? Are you clear on your goals and values? Let’s talk goals first. What are those goals, are they structured, specific and achievable? A goal cannot be a fantasy or it will be unachievable. Can your goal be reached in a time frame? Is it a big or small goal, do you need to take smaller steps to get on your way? Does it matter to you and why? And finally, is it aligned with a bigger […]

Strength Principle

What is the meaning of strength? More importantly what does it mean to you? Do you sometimes say “he or she is strong!” ” I wish I was that strong….” Or “God give me strength!”…with your fists clenched… By dictionary definition it is the quality of being strong, having the capacity for exertion or endurance. You can rely on something because of its strength. This sounds like a quality that we’d all like to have right? Perhaps incorporate strength as […]

Flexibility Principle

Has anyone ever asked you to be flexible in a relationship? Or maybe at your workplace in your job? You are asked if you can bend outside of the normal rules or boundaries. You might be obliged to do so, or you may have to be adaptable and have a willingness to compromise. If you look in a dictionary it describes flexibility as being limber and pliant, bends easily without breaking. Flexibility is also a principle of fitness. It’s the […]

Agility Principle

How mobile are you? Are you agile? What does Agility mean to you in regards to your mind, body and emotions? This is not only an important principle in Fitness but also for the human pathway. In terms of our Physical or Body Intelligence; which some say is the end outcome, final culmination or result of all our “intelligence’s” to feel or exist as being a more ‘complete’ person, then being agile maybe the piece of the puzzle you are […]