Clarity Principle

Where are you going? Are you clear on your goals and values? Let’s talk goals first. What are those goals, are they structured, specific and achievable? A goal cannot be a fantasy or it will be unachievable. Can your goal be reached in a time frame? Is it a big or small goal, do you need to take smaller steps to get on your way? Does it matter to you and why? And finally, is it aligned with a bigger picture – ultimately valuable to you?

Let’s say a competitor wanted to win some competition and was super focused on this, it took months of hard work and sacrifice but it didn’t really fit in to a way of life that was ultimately sustainable. After the person wins and the elation and celebration dissipates, the competitor feels sort of significant but inside they feel like ‘what’s next’? This is a common outcome for goal driven people. They must set another one straight after. And while that sounds fine, what is the purpose of it all? How can we improve upon that so the emotional scale doesn’t go up and down all the time?

I have spoken about BE DO HAVE before and this model is brilliant for goal setting.

What is it that you want to Have? What action needs to take place to get it? What state of mind Do you Have to Be in to begin or participate?

State vs goal: our ‘states’ can also be our moods. In this case our state of mind is related to our values. What do you value? It will be unique to you. When we set our outcomes, our value or ‘states’ are stated rather ambiguously, like love, freedom and living a peaceful life. Untouchable nouns. There are no steps required, you can Have it right now! They are infinite and sustainable because we are Doing what we love and we love what we Do. We can also write the outcome down to include others as well as ourselves.

Goals are stated specifically, they Have Clarity which is specific and realistic, meaning that is aligned with your values, require a strategy which is true or authentic to yourself and provides feedback and usually has some emotional resistance and regulation needed to achieve your reward.

This is a process that contributes to wisdom and control of your life, however it’s a process that needs to be repeated and will always change. Your values may change but to be Clear, this is about your true and authentic self Doing what it needs to Do always and everyday. Not just for six months for example.

Action based on theory defeating confusion and mystery.

Mind: Have you ever felt that inspiration that washes over you like looking at a cloudless blue sky? Is your path clear? How can I deal with obstacles and procrastination? (I can help here). What good and relevant questions are you asking yourself? For Clarity of the mind you must consider your priorities and motivation (which way are you motivated? Toward something you want or away from something you don’t want)? And of course time and space and what you Do with them.

Your values will contribute and summarise your vision and mission in life.

Importantly to is your awareness, are you focussed on the task at hand, the goal or the values? Or is you mind constantly wandering? There are two sides to this however, a focussed awareness is good for safety, keeping out of danger and working through processes on the job or set tasks. A wandering awareness or zoning out – what’s happening while you’re not focussing – can be a breeding ground for creative thinking and solutions to the worlds problems!

Emotion: you will want to consider the relationship between history, the past and your memory to what is occurring in your environment and what is at your senses right Now! Then consider the correlation between Now, the present moment, and the future. What is dream and imagination and is it affecting what you Do?

What are the lessons from the past? How does it affect you positively or negatively and how do the brains ‘files’ from the past help you to achieve tasks right now? Yes, that’s right, with our memory and imagination combined we can problem solve and do our jobs. Remove the past from your current experience of life – clearing.

It is important to mention the opposite of clarity when speaking about emotions. If we are affected by the supressing sadness, jealousy or grief; or overcome by the stimulating, fear, frustration or anger we will essentially experience a ‘fog’. We cant see our way out and we struggle to feel love, happiness and joy while we experience this black cloud that we are subjected to.

Emotional Intelligence demands that we are aware of these negative emotions and that we regulate and manage them to be successful (in anything, parenthood, corporate leadership, sports, politics, business etc etc) Disassociating and then moving toward our life’s important unique values is paramount in the shift out of the fog and towards clarity.

I recommend meditation – find a method that suits you.

Spiritual clarity= beliefs and perceptions. Thoughts are the beginning, like the dawn of humankind, our thoughts may have been like our ancestors and so the beliefs that form from these have been handed down through the generations. This subject could and has been the content and catalyst for many books, so I will keep this brief. Beliefs are the views you have about the world and yourself. Be sure that what you perceive to be true and authentic to you, will give to you now and forever the philosophical and spiritual ‘meaning’ that you need and want. Beliefs can be easily misread, lies and distortions. They can be limiting to your success. They can also be marvellous, empowering, enlightening and flexible – a pathway to your dreams! Are they working for you, serving you? Or not? Learn how to shift your beliefs if you must. Create a new path in life that serves you and those around you.

Zen or Cha’an concepts are an intrinsic in east Asian martial arts – the study of philosophy is encouraged to live the Tao or Do. Again, consider meditation and moving mediation practices. Zanshin for example is having ‘no mind’ of other things going except what you are doing right now. There are over forty types of meditation in Buddhism alone. Spread love, give, heal yourself and others, pray and the Universe and God(s) will provide.

Living life and your own values is Clarity.

Clarity is perhaps the most important life principle of all, this is the awakener.



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