Work hard and deep to change and better yourself. It doesn’t matter where you start, begin now, and take a small step. If you work hard and you change the way you think, and make a choice about limiting beliefs, you will feel better – believe in yourself. Your true authentic self. Now, with all your hard work are you better than you were? Or are you comparing yourself to others? Love, value and honour yourself there are no conditions […]

Clarity Principle

Where are you going? Are you clear on your goals and values? Let’s talk goals first. What are those goals, are they structured, specific and achievable? A goal cannot be a fantasy or it will be unachievable. Can your goal be reached in a time frame? Is it a big or small goal, do you need to take smaller steps to get on your way? Does it matter to you and why? And finally, is it aligned with a bigger […]

Self Talk

Ever wondered about how what you say to yourself affects things? Language is important. What stories are you telling yourself every day? Is your self-talk serving you positively? Or in a negative way? The quality of the questions you ask is key to your success. Instead of asking ‘why is this always happening to me? ‘What did I do to deserve this? Again!’ ‘I just can’t get passed this….’. ‘Why me? …Always? ‘ Victim mentality. Part of this is the […]