Agility Principle

How mobile are you?

Are you agile?

What does Agility mean to you in regards to your mind, body and emotions?

This is not only an important principle in Fitness but also for the human pathway. In terms of our Physical or Body Intelligence; which some say is the end outcome, final culmination or result of all our “intelligence’s” to feel or exist as being a more ‘complete’ person, then being agile maybe the piece of the puzzle you are searching for?

Let me give you some concepts to consider and experiment with:

If I was to talk about the mind (including our internal representations and emotions), being agile might mean:

Knowledge and distinctions, broadness in thinking, being able to change and adapt to our environment, having a hierarchy of ideas, better timing and wit or being able to bounce back.

If I had a race car you would be looking at suspension and braking, damper rates and g-forces, does it feel light and controllable, give good feedback through the wheel and throttle, does the vehicle cope with its environment, how well or quickly does it change direction?

If I was exploring Agility in martial arts I might want to be good at anticipation and reading others, have the traits of a monkey, like speed and quickness. Practice eluding, stepping and evasion techniques with the feet and the body (ashi sabaki and tai sabaki). To a boxer or kickboxer timing, technique and speed, along with bobbing, weaving, sucking and drawing will be what I want to master.

Finally in physical fitness can I have that same speed, lightness and quickness to shift and step effortlessly like a rugby league centre or winger, how mobile is my joint range of motion?

This may prompt you to write down or at least consider your own meanings for this principle and how it may relate to your Values, Your priorities in life, Your higher Purpose, or you might just find some stuff that you’re unique at and also really good at!

Give yourself a pat on the back! I’ll talk more on life principles in the coming weeks.

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